Diplomatic Courier and GEC Risk Advisory are pleased to announce the third annual edition of the “ESGT Megatrends Manual.” The publication is intended as an annual check-in on the most important multi-year global megatrends involving ESGT issues—systemic, strategic, and more tactical—that should be top of mind for all leaders—whether in business, non-profits, or government, as they lead and participate in strategic and tactical risk and opportunity planning and implementation.

Every year since 2020 it’s felt as though the world is at an inflection point,where it just feels like we’re on the cusp of things getting exponentially more difficult. That’s not just histrionics. Real world polling by Gallup bears it out.  Globally our sense of negative experiences and unhappiness are inexorably rising, while in 2021 Gallup’s Positive Experience Index experienced a rare drop. 

Clearly, we’re living in fraught times. The challenges are real, and each year it feels like this year those challenges might finally overwhelm us. If we don’t want to be overwhelmed, we must find a way to proactively engage with the underlying trends that are making our experience more negative than positive.  

That’s exactly what Andrea Bonime-Blanc’s ESGT Megatrends Manual is all about. Today, Diplomatic Courier—in partnership with GEC Risk Advisory—publishes the third annual edition of the manual. This year’s edition is entitled “The ESGT Megatrends Manual: A Simple Guide to Futureproofing in Complex Times.” The manual focuses on five megatrends identified and tracked by GEC Risk Advisory. These are:

  • Technology Disruption
  • Global Risk
  • Geopolitical Tectonics
  • Leadership Trust
  • Future of Capitalism

Each year, Bonime-Blanc identifies a sub-trend, an aspect of each megatrend, which is projected to have an outsize impact on how we live our lives over the next year. The manual ranks these by which is likely to have the most profound impact and identifies risks that come along with these trends as well as what best practice looks like if we are to thrive in these environs. 

Here at Diplomatic Courier, we value this project because the ESGT Megatrends Manual’s aims align with things we care about. Diplomatic Courier’s think tank World in 2050 aims to help the future arrive well and has identified its own set of megatrends to help guide that purpose. In a different but complementary way, this is also what the ESGT Megatrends Manual does.

At its core, the ESGT Megatrends Manual is a handbook for leaders of any type of organization or sector to help them understand and grapple with the major challenges of our time. More than just analyzing and explaining, the manual offers up fully actionable “Leadership To-Do’s” which can be applied across sector and organizational size or type. 

More personally, this is my first year working directly with Andrea on the manual as her editor. The breadth of great research the manual considers was both daunting and impressive, but what really impressed me was the very particular and powerful way the manual condenses the learnings from all of this research in a way that is easily digestible. That is to say, we here at Diplomatic Courier learned quite a lot about the challenges facing organizations today and what they can do about it. We strongly believe that our readers, no matter who they are or what their professional life looks like, will also be able to carry away some meaningful lessons from this year’s excellent manual. 

Read the entire manual for free here, courtesy of GEC Risk Advisory.

To read last year's edition click here.

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