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Diplomatic Courier’s global network spans 182 countries and five continents. Readers can find us in print, online, mobile, video, and social media. We are also the hosts of the futuristic think tank/do tank World in 2050, which
hosts private forums, global summits, and innovation labs aiming to "help the future arrive well." We hosted the first one in 2011 to explore the Future of Diplomacy. Since then, we’ve tackled several megatrends in food security, jobs, education, philanthropy, healthcare, cities, and more.

Our Philosophy.


Our number one goal is to always be accessible no matter where our readers are and their means of accessing content. We publish articles, blogs, and videos on a daily basis across multiple platforms. And we make it a point to only publish original content.


Above all, Diplomatic Courier is a platform for generational dialogue. Unlike other publications of international affairs, we provide a forum for generations in global affairs to exchange ideas by publishing established voices alongside new and young voices.


With a robust network of millions of readers and over 2000 contributors from around the world, we cater to a global audience. Our home page won’t feature issues only dear to Washington, Brussels, and Geneva but many other capitals of influence around the world.

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