Melissa Metos


Diplomatic Courier

Melissa Metos is an editor and writer for Diplomatic Courier with interests in education, culture, health, wellbeing, and AI. She recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a master’s degree in Writing & Rhetoric where she explored everything from ancient rhetoric to course design. In undergrad, she studied social sciences such as Sociology and Criminology. Drawing on her love for studying human behavior, Melissa’s lived in four different U.S. cities in the last three years and enjoyed every second of acclimating to her ever-changing environment.

After leaving Pittsburgh, she worked as the Managing Editor for LEO Edit, an LA-based lifestyle magazine, and quickly learned how to navigate the digital media landscape. Her education and background have since led to her current work as a writer, editor, and Associate Instructor in the Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies at the University of Utah. Melissa plans to use her experience and education to inform her editorial work and teaching—inspiring thoughtful conversation along the way.