Dr. Pilvi Torsti


Guest Contributor
Diplomatic Courier

Dr. Pilvi Torsti has served in leadership and expert roles in the fields of education, learning, research, science, innovation, and public policy in Finland and globally since 1990s. She has worked in the public sector as MP and State Secretary, founded early education start-up HEI Schools (2015) and co-founded United World College in Mostar (2006) serving currently as the chair of the foundation, Education in Action. She is a specialist on former Yugoslavia and Balkan region and has also worked in Nepal. Dr. Torsti has been awarded two international peace prizes for her work for the UWC Mostar and was nominated as the Adjunct Professor of the year and Knight of the First Class in 2020. Pilvi is UWC graduate (1995) and Eisenhower Fellow (2013).