June G7 Summit 2015Announcing the June 2015 Issue IV, Vol IX | Special G7 Edition Cover Story: Germany's G7 Summit and Russia Featured: Around the World with the Diplomatic Courier Service PLUS: Cyberdefense an Increasing Priority; Global Health Diplomacy; Global Refugee Crisis and Humanitarian Relief; Europe's Youth; and More! Washington, DC: For the past decade and more Diplomatic Courier’s editors and writers have produced official special editions for the leaders meetings at the G7 (formerly the G8) and the G20 and APEC summits in collaboration with the CAT Company. We proudly sought and compiled the most authoritative opinions on policy as they related to each year’s agenda. And for the first year in this decade, this special edition is published under the complete auspices of Diplomatic Courier’s brand. It is a proud moment for our team and we thank you, our readers, for supporting us on this journey. What does this mean? You may have noticed a very subtle change on our branding and tagline with this edition. Instead of A Global Affairs Magazine we are now A Global Affairs Media Network. The change in tagline reflects our evolution as a news company and it showcases that we are much more than a bi-monthly print magazine. Our publishing platforms, multimedia and print publications, and global summits together comprise a growing global network of readers, contributors, and partners that share our mission of bringing diplomacy—and all the topics in between—to global publics. The platforms to carry our mission have changed, and with them we have adapted the ways in which we produce our content and how we deliver it. An exciting new website is launching in July, adaptable to every mobile or smart phone worldwide. The new website is not just prettier; the design is meant to make the user experience easier and more intuitive. No matter what social media channel you use to land to our website, the experience will be rich and devoid of the clickbait and noise that characterizes most of the industry at the moment. As for the content, we think it is still King. You can continue to expect our regular bi-monthly editions, special editions from global summits like the G7, G20, and APEC, ebooks and hardcover books, videos featuring global affairs leaders; poignant and stunning photography from the field, white papers and special reports, and much more dynamic content in all social media and mobile platforms, including the iStore, Google Play, and Amazon. We hope you will let us know if we have met your expectations or if we can do more. We are a passionate bunch and we truly hope to continue engaging with you, whatever your favorite platform is. Ana C. Rold is Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Diplomatic Courier.  

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