DC_Sept_15_COVERAnnouncing the September 2015 Issue V, Vol IX Cover Story: The New Suez Canal: How Egypt Is Charting a Brand New Future for Itself and the Region Featured: Interview with former First Lady Laura Bush PLUS: U.S.-Egypt Partnership: Back to the Future; Rethinking Egypt’s Wheat Barns; Fishing for the Future; and More! Washington, DC: In a piece titled, “America is the ally Egypt needs” David Ignatius wrote for the Washington Post earlier this year: “The Egyptian people, traumatized by four years of revolution and counterrevolution, need to know that the United States is truly an ally…Washington should make clear that they come from a friendly nation that wants Egypt to succeed.” Even though policy has lagged behind, at times, in making clear how important a friend Egypt is to the United States, American companies have indicated otherwise. In 2014, an unprecedented number of over 150 American business executives from nearly 70 companies, participated in a U.S.-Chamber led business mission to Cairo, Egypt. The dialogue between business leaders and Egyptian government officials was a business diplomacy success by all measures and what prompted the idea to produce this special edition—continuing the discussions that started in Cairo a year ago to a new platform. Many of the articles and editorials we have compiled in this edition reflect the long-term investment American companies and business thought leaders continue to make in Egypt. More than that, this is a dialogue that transcends industry, to incorporate important voices from policy, security, diplomacy, civil society, development, and the media. There is no question Egypt has been and continues to be a crucially important ally to the United States. At the U.S. State Department, Secretary of State John Kerry has been a leading advocate of this relationship by tapping Ambassador David Thorne as a special emissary to Cairo. In his editorial for this special edition, Ambassador Thorne argues, “our goal is straightforward: to promote shared prosperity and the kind of inclusive, sustainable growth that benefits the U.S. as well as Egypt.” While the State Department rightly focuses on economic opportunities, Egypt needs military assistance, too, and its case for support is strong now that Cairo is actively combating the Islamic State and is at the crux of regional security. In his editorial here, former deputy director of the CIA, Michael J, Morell explains: “Fortunately, there is bipartisan agreement within the United States as to the importance of our ties with Egypt. With such support, there is much that we can and should do to repair and ramp up the relationship. Restarting defense deliveries was a first step, but the United States and Egypt should examine new ways to support Egypt’s counterterrorism efforts.” If the past four years have shown a tumultuous and tired Egypt, the new Egypt we saw at the New Suez Canal inauguration this past August was one filled with pride and optimism. We believe the articles and editorials in this special edition have captured not just the challenges and opportunities for the future, but the positive trajectory of the U.S.-Egypt partnership. Ana C. Rold is Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Diplomatic Courier.    

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