DC_NOV_APEC_COVERAnnouncing the November 2015 Issue VII, Vol IX Cover Story: The Philippine Navy - Pursuing Islands of Good Governance Featured: Interview with Mohamed Al Ardhi, Chairman, National Bank of Oman PLUS: China's Claim to the South China Sea; The Challenges of Trade in the 21st Century; The True Global Joblessness Number; and more! Washington, DC: Continuing our coverage of global summitry this year, we are concluding the year by featuring two major leadership summits, a week apart this November. One is the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey; the other is the APEC Summit in Manila, Philippines. For the first time, Diplomatic Courier is issuing two special editions in the month of November. Both Turkey and the Philippines are extremely important geostrategic allies of the United States. Both play host to global leaders under tumultuous times for the global leadership arena as well as their own countries and regions. We covered the Philippines extensively last year with a special edition discussing the aftermath of Hurricane Yolanda through the lens of disaster diplomacy. We marveled at the resilience of the country and its people. Not only was the Philippines able to mobilize rapidly against disaster; the nation has made remarkable growth in the years following the devastation. Now the Philippines plays host to yet another important leadership gathering, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Following the 7.2 percent expansion of its economy in 2013, the Philippines has maintained positive momentum with its GDP in 2014 and 2015. In its 2014 Asia Business Outlook Survey, the American Chamber of Commerce said the Philippines has one of the most improved business climates, ahead of many Asian peers. Philippines is no longer the “Sick Man of Asia” but a regional leader and an “Emerging Tiger” in all respects. Consider also the relationship between the Philippines and the United States—an alliance that has grown ever stronger over the last two Obama Administrations. The alliance was solidified further with President Barack Obama’s visit to Manila last April, which resulted in the two nations signing the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). The agreement supports the modernization efforts of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and promotes interoperability between the two militaries. It will also help maintain and develop Philippines’ maritime security and help enhance humanitarian assistance and disaster relief capabilities. The U.S.-Philippine partnership—both members of APEC—has enjoyed a positive momentum in the last couple of years. Certainly, with the Philippines hosting the APEC Summit this November, we will see an even stronger leader emerging in the region. Ana C. Rold is Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Diplomatic Courier.  

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