One of the most enduring headlines of 2023 was the rapid and widespread adoption of AI. From generative AI and its likely impacts on the knowledge economy to concerns over AI bias, AI-empowered mis- and disinformation, to privacy and more, AI has been a major force of disruption this year and every sector has had to grapple with what AI could mean for its future.

At Diplomatic Courier, we spent a great deal of 2023 pondering the question of what impact AI will have on human flourishing—both in the near future and a decade or more from now.

To really dig deep on the question, we turned to our recently formed inaugural cohort of World in 2050 (W2050) Senior Fellows, designing collective intelligence gatherings to consider how AI will impact human flourishing through the lens of three of the five W2050 megatrends: “Exponential Technologies Radically Reshaping the World,” Education and Work Grapple with the Next Great Rebalancing,” and “Societal, Governance Institutions Under Pressure.”

This also coincides with the launch of a new, redesigned look for our special editions. This iteration of our annual “Davos Dialogue” special edition is very different from what we’ve published before. Herein, we provide you with short and actionable reports from the findings of the W2050 Senior Fellows, functionally dividing this special edition into three chapters. Each chapter is populated by commentaries from Diplomatic Courier’s network of experts. We believe this new format will enhance the impact of our network’s thought leadership while making it more accessible to global publics than ever.

And Davos is a great place for this launch if we want to maximize the impact of these insights.

You can find the special edition here. As always, feel free to reach out with any feedback or if you’d like to be involved with what we do.

We hope you enjoy!

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