GTS Report_COVERDownload the report for free here or email us to order a hard copy. Washington, DC: Diplomatic Courier convened the 3rd annual Global Talent Summit to discuss the nexus of jobs and education. We are thrilled to share with our audience globally the outcomes of the summit in the form of this report. On our third year of this very popular now convening we brought a constellation of data gurus, innovators, educators and private industry leaders to discuss the demands placed on today’s diverse and global workforce with a lens towards the World in 2050.  The experts agree: to thrive in a rapidly evolving, technology-focused world, future job seekers must not only possess strong skills in areas such as language arts, mathematics, and science, but also skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, persistence, collaboration, and curiosity. However, data shows students are not attaining these critical employability skills. This year’s summit’s brain trust, which included our newest thought partner, Gallup, shared best practices and innovative ideas, which we are proud to present in this report. If you missed the summit, we have you covered. Here are video highlights. Below are some must-read additional resources on the future of jobs. Steve Crabtree, Senior Editor at Gallup, focused on the major skills gap that exists between education and jobs. In order to fill the skills gap, businesses and educational institutions must align and work together to produce a capable workforce. This can be done through organizations that specialize in matching educational training with job market needs; nurturing entrepreneurial talent to support the creation of new businesses; and exporting knowledge and experience to developing countries. It will be difficult, but it will be fulfilling. The full article can be found here. The World Economic Forum also released a report detailing the future of jobs. The report describes the rapidly shifting nature of jobs and the fundamental transformations necessary to adapt to this changing environment. With many traditional jobs being replaced by occupations that didn’t exist 10 years ago, this increase in job trend uncertainty is creating a need for educators to teach skills that assist students in adapting to a changing work environment. Likewise, the WEF emphasizes the need for businesses to be proactively adaptive by retraining current employees and preparing them for a fluctuating workplace. Read the report here. Jean McCormick, VP of content for BraveNew, focused on three themes in jobs and education she found most prevalent throughout the 2016 Global Talent Summit: the increasing importance of jobs with a purpose; the skills gap between the workplace and education; and the importance of collaboration and community engagement in fostering job creation. Her key takeaway from the summit was that education is no longer exclusive to the first 18 years of life; instead, learning will extend into the workforce and continue throughout one’s career. You can find her article here. Asmaa AbuMezied, Fellow at Atlas Corps, discussed the three main challenges facing the job market. First, the changing nature of jobs is altering the necessary skills for employment, hiring practices, and the workplace. Second, youth skills such as creativity and energy are being underutilized. And third, the education system is in need of serious reform. Only by addressing these problems can we begin preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. You can find her article here. Niza Castaneda Carranza, also a Fellow at Atlas Corps, discussed how there is a need for quality education and increased mobility in order to keep up with the global job market. With technology and globalization constantly altering the nature of jobs, it is important that employees not only learn skills through educational institutions, but in the workplace as well. This means both the quality of education and jobs needs to increase in order to create a happy, healthy workforce. You can find Carranza’s article here.   Editor's note: The next Global Talent Summit will be held in Zurich, Switzerland in January 2017.     

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