Diplomatic Courier will convene the second annual global summit on Wellbeing, focusing on the nexus of nutrition and health on Wednesday, May 18. The summit will be hosted by Gallup at The Gallup Building and will feature the Gallup-Healthways Well-being Index, the leading indicator of trends in health nationally and globally.

The Wellbeing Summit is sold out. Please join us starting at 9:00 am EDT on May 18 for the live broadcast! Click here to access the live feed.

Providing sufficient food to meet the needs of growing populations is a global health challenge in and of itself, with millions of people around the world continuing to endure chronic hunger and malnutrition. As FAO Director General José Graziano da Silva said, “While hunger and malnutrition remain, we will continue to witness immense suffering.” Huge numbers of people both in both developing and developed countries suffer from macronutrient deficiencies that impact healthy development. At the same time, more and more countries around the world are experiencing a rise in obesity. Research is demonstrating the profound impact that healthy food choices, nutrition, and digital health can have on population health, increasing prevention and reducing the crushing burden on healthcare costs. Digital innovation and collaboration in this area will have widespread societal benefits. Advancements in mobile communication, telemedicine and tele-health are increasingly connecting more people with the health services they need—from acute virtual care, rural communities receiving the care they need, and the chronically ill population having the opportunity to leverage digital health to improve health literacy and shared decision making. Government, academic institutions, leaders in agriculture, digital health companies, and other health partners will come together to tackle this grand challenge in the quest for quality of life for people around the world. At the 2016 Wellbeing summit we will bring together these stakeholders to present new models and innovative technologies that will guide our future. We invite you to join principal leaders from Gallup, the private sector, international policy, academia, and the media at a unique global gathering in Washington. If you are not able to join us in person, follow the livestream. All presentations will be broadcast live via YouTube to 180 countries. Join the discussion on Twitter @diplocourier @Gallup #2050Health #Worldin2050

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