All too often, I find myself in the middle of a war or conflict photographing events as they unfold before me. I am certainly not thinking of the bigger political picture or the human consequences of that particular war or conflict. My immediate thoughts in those moments are survival, the man to the left of me, and the man to the right—nothing else matters.

A refugee is no different from you and me.

We tend to forget that refugees are just that! As soon as they are branded with this sad title of ‘refugee’, they become second-class humans in our collective perception—through no fault of their own.

The one enduring quality that has shone through in all my images in is dignity and pride, and at times it is often very humbling.

The Diplomatic Courier and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) partner to reveal “Broken Lives,” a poignant collection of refugee images by world renowned conflict photographer and cameraman Sebastian Rich.

Sebastian Rich has been a photojournalist in hard news, documentary, and current affairs for forty years. He has been shot three times, kidnapped, and mock executed in his efforts to capture what he calls ‘the moment’. Sebastian is a favored cameraman/photographer with Medicins Sans Frontiers, Save the Children UK, World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), and several United Nations Agencies, predominantly UNICEF and UNHCR.

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This gallery was originally published in the Diplomatic Courier's July/August 2013 print edition, and launched at an exhibit at the National Press Club in July 2013.

Sebastian Rich
Sebastian Rich is Senior Contributing Photographer at Diplomatic Courier. Sebastian has been a photographer/cameraman in hard news, documentary and current affairs for over thirty years.
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