Shalini Trefzer


Diplomatic Courier

Shalini Trefzer started serving as senior advisor to Global Talent Summit (GTS) and a contributing editor at Diplomatic Courier in 2018. She works actively in the support of a world where human and artificial intelligence are applied to create meaningful impact, and unintended consequences are understood and sidestepped.

Since 2016, Shalini has worked as a project execution specialist in Europe for several start-ups and scale-ups AI and data companies, and often joins advisory boards as special advisor to the CEO. She is based in Switzerland and speaks German.

She has a B.S. in Environmental Resources Engineering. After initially working on hazardous waste management projects in civil engineering consulting, Shalini embarked on her career in technology during which time she served as an engineering program manager of Cisco System's CRS-1 terabit routing product. Additionally, she worked as an operations manager in drug development at Novartis.  

Shalini has certifications in project management (Stanford, 2004) and the business applications of AI (MIT CSAIL 2018) and, is a Project Management Professional (PMI, active since 2008).