Jacksón Smith


Diplomatic Courier

Jacksón is a Co-Founder and the CTO of the Learning Economy Foundation. He is a storyteller, technology architect, and lifelong learner who partners with global influencers to synthesize the chasm between enigmatic techies and visionary fuzzies—giving breath and momentum to disruptive napkin ideas through zeros, ones, and words. When writing his prose, he embraces confusion and makes up words when existing words won’t do. The following mantra guides his work: technologies are tools that should be radically accessible to everyone and wielded for good and only good.

Upholding this doctrine, Jacksón built augmented reality applications for street workers to see beneath the ground, inventory control systems for satellites to safely reach the stars, video games for students to learn English, report cards for parents and realtors to gauge environmental toxins, and algorithms for insurance companies to quantify the value of preventative health care.

But his work extends beyond building tech. Jacksón writes about blockchain and value transfer, the changing nature of work, and the future of education for people and global forums across 140 countries. In his upcoming novel, Community of One, Jacksón wrestles with the fundamental questions of our epoch: in particular, how to find meaning in a world obsessed with data, optimization, and happiness.

Jacksón, a Frank Seaver Leader and Edward J. Sexton Fellow, holds a BA in philosophy, politics, and economics from Claremont McKenna College.