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Welcome to Diplomatic Courier, the global affairs media network that connects global publics to leaders in international affairs, diplomacy, social good, and more.

Diplomatic Courier’s global network spans 140 countries and five continents. Readers can find us in print, online, mobile apps, video, and social media. We are also the hosts of the futuristic global series of events called the World in 2050. We hosted the first one in 2013 to explore the Future of Diplomacy. Since then, we’ve tackled several megatrends such as food, jobs, philanthropy, cities, and more.


Accessible: Our number one goal is to always be accessible no matter where our readers are and their means of accessing content. We publish articles, blogs, and videos on a daily basis across multiple platforms. And we make it a point to only publish original content.

Intergenerational: Above all, Diplomatic Courier is a platform for global dialogue. Unlike no other publication of international affairs, we provide a forum for generations in foreign policy to exchange ideas by publishing established voices alongside new and young voices (under 35).

Global: With a network of readers and digital influencers in 140 countries and five continents, we cater to a global audience. Our home page won’t feature issues only dear to Washington and Brussels but many other capitals around the world. Our team of over 200 contributors around the world reports the stories behind the news from the ground. If you are looking only for US foreign policy content we know some other great publications that cover that space well.

OUR TEAM.  Just like our audience, Diplomatic Courier’s team spans the globe. Journalists, correspondents, and students and scholars are only some of the titles that our contributors, editors, and photographers hold.

WRITE FOR US. One great way of becoming part of our network is to have your voice heard. We’d love to engage with you on our social media channels but also invite you to write for us. Students of foreign policy, young professionals in the field, and specialists alike, are all welcome to submit their photography, videos, and manuscripts for publication on our website, print or special editions, or our other multimedia channels. Read these quick guidelines before you email us your manuscript.

OUR MEDIA NETWORK. Diplomatic Courier’s humble beginnings were as a print quarterly magazine in 2006. Since then, we have added multimedia, video, books and ebooks, special editions, and events to our portfolio, enhancing the way in which global publics and leaders interact about the most important issues of our time.

  • Flagship Magazine: Diplomatic Courier is our bi-monthly in print flagship magazine. Beautifully designed and glossy, the print editions reach top diplomats, policy makers, c-suite business, media, and civil society leaders in 18 global cities and high level gatherings such as the UN General Assembly meetings, World Economic Forum events, and the G7, G20, and APEC summits.

  • Special Editions: Diplomatic Courier produces keepsake glossy print editions focusing on business and commercial diplomacy for major global events such as the World Expo to the G7, G20, APEC, and BRICS, For the past decade our editors and writers have managed the productions of these publications in 12 countries, in collaboration with the International Chamber of Commerce and the US Chamber of Commerce.
  • Special Reports: Diplomatic Courier produces a number of yearly special reports in collaboration with multi-stakeholder partners seeking solutions to the biggest issues of our times. In line with our World in 2050 series, Diplomatic Courier’s focus areas for these reports include: the future of jobs, food, health, wealth, cities, security, and resources. Readers will find these long reads in print, digital or dynamic edition forms in all our platforms (mobile apps, print, and online).
  • White Papers: After each summit or event Diplomatic Courier hosts, co-hosts, or serves as a media partner for, we produce White Papers synthesizing the discussions and outcomes. We produce transcripts that capture the interactions as well as the ideas that percolate from the speakers, audience, and social media discussions in the form White Papers that are distributed to participants and our global audience.
  • Books & Ebooks: When we want to delve deep into a topic or region or we have an anthology of in-depth pieces that give a comprehensive view on any given topic, we publish them in the form of ebooks or print books (or sometimes both). You will find unique topics from: how to craft and deliver a better speech than the president to why Cyprus’ newfound gas may solve the 40-year-old political conflict. Our books and ebooks are available on the iStore, Google Play, and Amazon. Coming soon to 120 other platforms and retailers around the world.
  • Mobile Apps: We strive to be wherever our audience is. That is why Diplomatic Courier has invested heavily on building all our platforms. As the Next Billion of information consumers comes online in the next decade, they will be able to access our content in any medium they wish: print, online, mobile, and more. For now, you can find us in print here, or on Google Play, iStore, and Amazon.
  • Website: Guided by our love for design and simplicity, our site is meant to make navigation, searching, and reading our newest online content as easy as possible. We hope you will enjoy the desktop version and find it easy on the eyes when you discover our articles from your smartphone.
  • Video Channel: Our YouTube channel is a vibrant host of long-form and short-form video content. In it you will find playlists with discussions, interviews, and highlights from our global summits. You will also find sit-down interviews and profiles on important topics with global affairs leaders.
  • Social Media: You will find Diplomatic Courier is active on most social media channels where our readers like to engage. You will find we love to speak to our readers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We get so excited when you share or post our content and we love your comments. We’ve found these social channels have become an integral part of our reporting and global discussion and we always invite our readers to send us their photos or content for consideration. You have something unique to add to the conversation? Send your content here.

THE WORLD IN 2050. Enormous challenges lie ahead. From managing climate change and coping with new security threats to feeding almost 10 billion people by 2050, navigating the future is tricky. At Diplomatic Courier we have examined the indicators and the trends for a decade and in 2013 we decided to explore and confront the challenges that lie ahead by convening thought leaders across multiple disciplines, industry sectors, government, and civil society in our Future Forums series.

We have looked at everything from the future of jobs to innovation in food and health, to trends in philanthropy to the rise of global cities, and we know that the World in 2050 is not a scary world, but one that will require honest dialogue, creative approaches, and preparation. Our participants discuss these emerging trends and the intersection of these trends, identify solutions, and create coalitions among stakeholders to collaborate. In the process, global publics from 180 countries have joined the conversations via Livestream and Twitter and our events reached an unprecedented 150.2 million social media impressions.

Join us in 2017 as we tackle the next set of #megatrends in Jobs, Education, Food, Health, Well-being, Cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, and the Path to Global Peace. Add your name to our invitation list.