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Germany's G7 Summit and Russia

The G7 summit in Germany this year will again convene in the shadow of the war in Ukraine—a war in Europe that is intractable and…

The Future of Food

For the next six months (May 1 to October 15, 2015), the world will be focused on a very important topic: “Feeding the Planet, Energy…

Feeding the Planet, Empowering Women

If we want to end hunger then we must empower women. If we want to feed the planet then we must fight gender discrimination.

Can We End Extreme Poverty by 2030?

New Zealand and Brazil are separated by more than 7,500 miles. The two countries seem to have little in common, apart from long white beaches…

The Land That Weeps Oil

Xinjiang is steeped in oil. If you drive five hours northwest from Urumqi, the region’s capital, you come to Black Oil Mountain, a popular tourist…

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  • June 2015 - Special Edition G7 Summit

    June 2015, Issue IV, Vol IX

    G7 Summit 2015

    Schloss Elmau

    Cover Story: Germany's G7 Summit and Russia

    PLUS: Global Health Diplomacy; Global Refugee Crisis; Cyprus and Energy Security; European Youth Identity and Politics; Cyberdefense and Cyberwarfare; and More!

Istanbul 2016: Humanitarian Relief No Longer “Business As Usual”

The civil war ravaging Syria has left more than 220,000 dead in little more than four years, and nearly eight million uprooted by violence. Another 3.8 million people have fled ...

The Real Dawn of the Age of Cyber Warfare

World War IV, Cyber War, digital Pearl Harbor or cyber 9/11—people talk about catastrophic scenarios in cyberspace, whereas academics and other experts point out that there is...

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