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Polio’s Backdoor Into China

The Karakoram Highway cuts a rugged path through the high black mountains that separate China from Pakistan, where mirror-like lakes reflect the snowy peaks and…

The Future of the Global City

By 2050, 70 percent of humanity will live in urban environments, the most significant change in humanity’s living conditions since the shift from hunting-gathering to…

What it Means to Be a Global Citizen

An Interview with Shafik Gabr, Chairman of ARTOC Group On June 10th, Meridian International Center awarded Shafik Gabr, Chairman of the ARTOC Group for Investment…

Asian Cities and Climate Change

Interview with Ashvin Dayal, Associate Vice President and Managing Director, Asia, Rockefeller Foundation Urbanization, more than any other process affecting our world today, has affected…

Africa Rising

Interview with Ade Onitolo, Senior Analyst, IHS In 2011, The Economist dubbed it “the hopeful continent”, and with good reason. Africa is shaking off the…

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Bridging the Infrastructure Gap Through Policy

The internet has in recent years become a major driving force behind the global economy. But as information and communications technology (ICT) advances and proliferates at expo...

Cyber: A Real and Present Danger

Much has been said in the press of the dreaded threat of ‘cyber warfare’, but little detail or clarity has given dimension to this threat of sinister activity. Comments from...

What Kind of Superpower Does America Want to Be?

The United States has long held the reputation of protector of the “Free World,” promoting democratic ideals and the rule of law globally. But today, the United States is a ...

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