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Future of Food Summit

Diplomatic Courier magazine and Mars, Incorporated will co-host an innovative summit on the Future of Food to usher the World Expo Milano in May 2015.…

The Future of Food

For the next six months (May 1 to October 15, 2015), the world will be focused on a very important topic: “Feeding the Planet, Energy…

Feeding the Planet, Empowering Women

If we want to end hunger then we must empower women. If we want to feed the planet then we must fight gender discrimination.

Can We End Extreme Poverty by 2030?

New Zealand and Brazil are separated by more than 7,500 miles. The two countries seem to have little in common, apart from long white beaches…

The Land That Weeps Oil

Xinjiang is steeped in oil. If you drive five hours northwest from Urumqi, the region’s capital, you come to Black Oil Mountain, a popular tourist…

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