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Philanthropy +SocialGood

The Future of Philanthropy

Non-Profits Have Turned a Corner

Non-profits as we have known them for the past few decades are soon becoming obsolete. With the emergence of social entrepreneurship and technological advancements such…


November 27th, 2012 marked the first ever #GivingTuesday, and since then the global movement has been making waves in social media and media streams, sparking…

When Millennials Take Philanthropy Glocal

It is increasingly clear that Millennials are re-imagining the philanthropy landscape. Derrick Feldman, in his research into The Millennium Impact, found that Millennials are expanding…

Millennials Rush In; Social Economy Booms

How Millennials Will Change the Face of Philanthropy Three decades from now a subtle shift will have taken root in our economy. It will start…

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  • September/October 2014

    September/October 2014 Issue V, Vol VIII

    Download to Upload: Technology is Upending Traditional Philanthropy—And Millennials are Leading the Way

    FEATURED: Five Years of the Social Good Summit

    PLUS: Millennials Rush In; #‎GivingTuesday‬: Giving Gone Global!; An Interview with author Christopher Schroeder; and more!

Harnessing Human Capital: Jobs of the Future

“In 2020, 40 percent of people will be working for themselves.” Howard Tullman, the CEO of 1871 threw out this statistic during a recent panel discussion on “Collective En...

Cyber: A Real and Present Danger

Much has been said in the press of the dreaded threat of ‘cyber warfare’, but little detail or clarity has given dimension to this threat of sinister activity. Comments from...

Cyprus: The Original Russia-Crimea Debacle

Interview with Nikos Christodoulides, Spokesman for the Government of the Republic of Cyprus

This past February, Russian armed forces invaded and later annexed the Cri...

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