The Team

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CEO & Publisher
Ana C. Rold

Advisory Board
Andrew M. Beato
Fumbi Chima
Sir Ian Forbes
Lisa Gable
Anders Hedberg
Mary D. Kane
Greg Lebedev
Anita McBride

Contributing Editors
Michael Kofman
Paul Nash
Winona Roylance

Editorial Assistants
Yulia Buynova
Lindsey Washington

Director of Social Media
Madeleine Terry

Book Reviewer
Joshua Huminski

Michelle Guillermin
Sebastian Rich

Creative Director
Christian Gilliham

Business Development Director
Maria San Jose
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Please Email

Please Email

C. Naseer Ahmad
Akshan de Alwis
Madeline Bielski
Charles Crawford
Jacqueline Christ
Justin Goldman

Sarah Jones
Daniel Metz
Arun S. Nair
Uju Okoye
Bailey Piazza
Richard Rousseau
Mary Utermohlen

WRITE FOR US. Just like our audience, Diplomatic Courier’s team spans the globe. Journalists, correspondents, and students and scholars are only some of the titles that our contributors, editors, and photographers hold. If you would like to become part of the team or contribute your work to Diplomatic Courier’s multiple channels on an ad-hoc basis, read these quick guidelines before you email us with your work and resume.