AVOS, SWITZERLAND—The World in 2050 officially opened the call for nominations for the 2050 Global Innovation Challenge, a.k.a. the Olympics of Innovation. The competition, which runs from January to May, recognizes and celebrates the best startups, research, inventions, and organizations tackling our world’s most complex problems in seven categories. Each of the seven clusters represents major trends that will be transformative for our long-term future.

The announcement took place at the ETH Zurich’s WEF Pavilion in Davos, where at a special reception the partners and members of the Selection Committee came together to celebrate the launch of the competition. In attendance were decision-makers and experts across the corporate investment and innovation spectrum, industry leaders, and policy advisors, who are leading the future from the intersection of the arts, sciences, technology, and more.
“From managing climate change to feeding nearly 10 billion people by the year 2050, and coping with new security threats, navigating the future is tricky,” said Host and CEO Ana C. Rold, in her opening remarks. “How will major global forces such as demographic changes, resource stress, technology, and economic power shifts change our future? More importantly, how can your contribution direct us to a better world in 2050?”

For more information contact us at press@diplomaticourier.org and visit: www.2050challenge.com.


• Jan 21 – May 1: Application period.

• May 1 - Jun 1: Voting & selection process.

• Aug 27: Worldwide announcement.

• Aug 29 - Sept 1: Celebration and World in 2050 Retreat at Salzburg Global Seminar.

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LAUNCH PARTNERS. As of January 2020, World in 2050’s Olympics of Innovation launch partners include: Cisco, ETH Zurich, Diplomatic Courier, WeLibrary, Learning Economy, WISE, Storchen Zurich, Cognitive Valley, Swiss Cognitive, Quora, Salzburg Global Seminar, Mindfire, E-Worldwide Group, ScienceAtHome, Group of Nations, and Center for Hybrid Intelligence. For more information visit: www.cocreate.world/rsvp-davos.

Shalini Trefzer
Shalini Trefzer is a Diplomatic Courier Contributing Editor and Executive Director of the World in 2050, an initiative of Diplomatic Courier. Her passion is to give a voice and platform to huge-potential innovations from regions that don’t normally receive the spotlight.
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