ome of the world's most beautiful places have been the home of its most important discussions. Now serving as embassies, gathering places, hotels, and private residences, these homes of diplomacy have provided a critical backdrop for the people, ideas, and decisions that have shaped our world.

Each has a story to tell.

Washington, DC alone boasts more than 175 embassies, residences, and cultural centers, and every one has a fascinating history. Collectively, they contribute to a complex architectural and cultural tapestry of America's capital city. Individually, they're filled with stories of intrigue, politics, and the occasional scandal.

Such stories have played out around the world, from diplomatic hubs to remote mountain resorts. And whether they're one hundred years old, or a day, the stories these buildings tell offer us a glimpse into how the world outside their doors was, and is, shaped by what happened behind them.

Each week, Diplomatica will open the doors to these exclusive locations, and go inside to explore their hidden histories, unusual stories, and fun anecdotes, one at a time. Some features will explore unusual architecture, or artwork, or a building’s previous owners. Others will examine broader issues, like the logistical challenges of a newly established country securing embassy space, or what happens to one of these buildings when diplomatic ties are severed, or pivotal negotiations that have occurred there. But each article will focus on one aspect of the diplomatic property that our team found fascinating, and think you will, too.

Diplomatica was launched as a newsletter in 2018, and as part of our new partnership with Diplomatic Courier, we'll be reviving those original, legacy articles. If you're new to Diplomatica, this will provide a great introduction to content you can expect going forward. If you've been a regular reader, we think you'll find our new partnership with Diplomatic Courier offers more opportunities for multimedia content, a broader reach, and a greater variety of locations around the world.

But whether you've been with us since the beginning, or are joining us for the first time, welcome. We're glad you're here.

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Molly McCluskey
Molly McCluskey is an international investigative journalist and Editor-at-Large of Diplomatic Courier. Follow her on Twitter @MollyEMcCluskey.
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