DC_NOV_G20_COVERAnnouncing the November 2015 Issue VI, Vol IX Cover Story: The G20 2015 Summit: Continuity, Inclusivity, and Connectivity Featured: Ambassadors Forum with Stuart W. Holliday and Herman J. Cohen PLUS: How Trade Will Avert the Next Crisis; Tech Pioneers Developing the Next Big Thing; and more! Washington, DC: Continuing our coverage of global summitry this year, we are concluding the year by featuring two major leadership summits, a week apart this November. One is the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey; the other is the APEC Summit in Manila, Philippines. For the first time, Diplomatic Courier is issuing two special editions in the month of November. Both Turkey and the Philippines are extremely important geostrategic allies of the United States. Both play host to global leaders under tumultuous times for the global leadership arena as well as their own countries and regions. This marks the tenth time that the G20 leaders will meet and discuss international issues. Last December, when Turkey first assumed presidency of the Summit, Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, set forth three pillars for the meeting: 1) Strengthening the Global Recovery and Lifting the Potential, 2) Enhancing Resilience, and 3) Buttressing Sustainability. Turkey hopes that the G20 will focus on ensuring inclusive and robust growth through collective action and helping developing and low-income countries integrate into the world economy. Our team at Diplomatic Courier has covered the G20 Summit with special editions since 2010. It is interesting to note how the Summit, the hosts, and agendas have evolved over the year. While the leaders meeting in November is the one usually receiving the most attention by global media outlets, the work of the G20 is done year-round and the stakeholders span policy, business, and civil society. For example, earlier this Fall we were proud to partner with the G(irls)20, an official civil society group that makes up the G20 coalition of partners. I was honored to curate and serve as the moderator for a plenary panel discussing the future of jobs. The G(irls)20 summit in Istanbul was followed by the Think Tank 20 and the B20 CEO summit. In addition, a number of ministerial meetings precede the leaders meeting in November. Together, these groups provide great focus and strategy for both the hosts and members of the G20. It is interesting to note that Turkey has placed a large emphasis on the development of the global economy. The Turkish leadership seems genuinely interested in pressing for integration of all economies, especially the low-income ones. However, it remains to be seen how the G20 events this year will create new opportunities on a global basis. Ana C. Rold is Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Diplomatic Courier.  

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