Announcing the January 2017 Issue II, Vol XI Cover Theme: The First 100 Days of President Trump's Administration Editors' Note: Diplomatic Courier's Special 2017 Presidential Inaugural Edition was produced in collaboration with Duco Experts and the generous time and resources provided both by Duco and Guest Editors and Duco Co-Founders Sidney Olinyk and Alicia Sloan. The print edition is available in Washington, DC and other key cities during the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump on January 20, 2017. It is also available worldwide as a Digital Edition. To read or download for free please visit here. Washington, DC: The guard is changing in Washington and with the new guard comes a promise for a refresh of domestic and foreign policy. What to make of the coming change? Should we expect a dramatic reset of how Washington works?  Not quite, explains Jonathan Gregory, a long-time Diplomatic Courier contributor and expert in Washington’s inside workings. He explains: “The first 100 days agenda of a presidency is generally intended to set a tone, change direction, achieve immediate success and establish a basis for future governing. While President Franklin Roosevelt’s flurry of government action during the great depression established the 100 day measure, the FDR bar of success is almost impossible to match. Nonetheless, it is a time when much is possible and when much can be done.” President Donald J. Trump’s election to the White House was undoubtedly historical and unprecedented. He takes office with no shortage of conflicts—internal and global. But the question remains: will his arrival at the White House dramatically change the course of major U.S. and regional alliances? What will global trade and resource security look like in the coming months and years? We partnered with Duco Experts to answer these questions through the prism of three key departments most likely to experience major shifts in the Trump administration—geopolitics, security, and globalization. In a town full of first class think tanks, you may ask, why Duco? At Diplomatic Courier, we pride on being constructive disruptors. Part think tank, part consulting firm, part speaker’s bureau, Duco is the innovative brainchild of the times we live in: it democratizes access to experts and thought leaders through technology. The platform boasts over 200 experts worldwide, providing skillful analysis once only privy to insiders. Using some of the same technology as Uber, Airbnb, and other sharing economy companies, the platform provides a secure and automated way to connect immediately and directly with experts around the world—no account manager or middle man to slow down the process. We sail into 2017 with our first creative partnership with Duco and are excited for the crowd-sourced expertise we have gathered for our readers. From Russia to Asia and from energy security to cybersecurity, the most polemic issues of the day are distilled by the foremost experts in the world. As always, we hope you will send us your thoughts and questions through letters to the editors or feel free to connect with the authors directly through Duco’s online marketplace. Ana C. Rold is Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Diplomatic Courier.  

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