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Latin American Portraits

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Written by Sebastian Rich, Senior Contributing Photographer

This month the Diplomatic Courier takes on a distinctly Latin flavor. Latin America has long been the global economic sleeping giant. With deep reservoirs of culture, history, and natural resources, all of the pieces have long been in place. Countries like Argentina, Venezuela, and Brazil all appear to have the ingredients of juggernauts.

For myriad reasons, much of Latin America has instead lagged behind their potential. As the 21st century steps deeper into its second decade, the trend lines are pointing in new directions.

Latin America appears pointed full steam ahead. As multiple countries in Europe struggle and the U.S. continues to plod toward recovery, Latin America has been a steady source of growth. Is this the “Latin America decade”?

Time will tell.

– Ana C. Rold, Editor-in-Chief

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These photos were originally published in the May/June 2013 print edition.