Women and the World Expo

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Written by Chrisella Sagers, Managing Editor

The World Expo, dating back to the mid-1800s, has always been a gathering of the world’s most curious, seeking the ideas that will shape the future. Akin to an Olympics for the innovator, trailblazers from Thomas Edison to Walt Disney have launched ideas here.

At Expo 2015, hosted by Milan, Italy, women will be stepping forward to launch their own ideas for creating a better world. In an initiative launched in 2010 at Davos, “2015 Women and Expo” seeks to promote women entrepreneurs from all over the world, all while bringing down barriers to women’s development and advancing cooperation between cultures.

Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, Honorary President of the project’s Advisory Board, noted the importance of the project in attaining the them of the Milan Expo, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” when she said, “Let’s remember, who feeds the planet? Women. Who cares for families? Women. And who’s at greatest risk when food prices rise when disasters strike when water and fuel are in short supply? Women and their children.”

By harnessing the energy and knowledge of women throughout the world, the project hopes to use the Expo’s platform to bring change in the areas of the world that need it most. Some programs already pushing forward with the initiative’s support include Jeunes Filles pour l’Agrò in Togo, which focuses on improving the education and agricultural knowledge of women in rural savannah regions; and Aquaplus, a program in Haiti to develop best practices for efficient and safe water use in both agriculture and consumption.

A special Pavilion for Women will be constructed at the Milan Expo to showcase these and other programs supported by “2015 Women and Expo.” Finally, women entrepreneurs from around the world will be on stage alongside some of the greatest innovators of our time.