Benjamin D. Stone

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Written by Administrator

President & CEO
Indego Africa

Describe the impact on foreign policy you have made in your current/past jobs.
Built an international social enterprise that has not only helped more than 300 Rwandan businesswomen profitably engage global export markets, but also disrupted the conversation about entrepreneurship, fair trade, development, and fashion.

What personal contribution to foreign policy are you most proud of?
As an attorney and CEO, I have worked hard to show that transparency is essential to driving forward sustainable and replicable solutions to entrenched global challenges.

What is the greatest foreign policy issue facing our generation?
Lack of trust.

What personal, managerial, and leadership skills and traits must the next generation of foreign policy leaders possess?
Without strong writing, public speaking, interpersonal, and networking skills, all other foreign policy strengths are largely irrelevant. The ability to communicate a vision or position crisply and persuasively is fundamental.

Which living or dead foreign policy practitioner do you look up to the most?
Robert Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

If you could change a critical decision in history to affect foreign policy, what would it be?
The international community’s failure to intervene in the Rwandan Genocide.