Asha Castleberry

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Military Officer
United States Army Reserves

Describe the impact on foreign policy you have made in your current/past jobs.
I have had the opportunity to work closely with the State Department on the newly Sudanese peacekeeping mission. The opportunity to actually witness the rebirth of a new country and building a new peacekeeping operation is extremely incredible.

What personal contribution to foreign policy are you most proud of?
I am mostly proud of supporting United Nations Resolution 1325. My work in advocating for more female participation and advancement of women in peacekeeping operations in order to reduce sexual crimes in post-conflict areas is one of my personal contributions.

What is your vision of foreign policy in the 21st Century?
Foreign policy in the 21st Century will continue to address rising challenges associated with fragile and failed states.

What is the greatest foreign policy issue facing our generation?
The greatest foreign policy issue facing us today is the current global recession. The global recession is completely shrinking our global markets and trimming down existing trading agreements.

What challenges need to be overcome to create better foreign policy?
Addressing the proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons is a challenge that we need to overcome in order to avoid a possible future nuclear war.

What personal, managerial, and leadership skills and traits must the next generation of foreign policy leaders possess?
Our next generation of foreign policy leaders should study or volunteer abroad, learn new languages, and be committed to ethical leadership and service.

How can foreign affairs be made more accessible to Americans, particularly younger generations?
American High Schools should educate their students more about career opportunities focusing on foreign policy and encourage them to become active in non-profits like Young Professionals In Foreign Policy (YPFP), International Youth Council (IYC), and Millennium Campus Network (MCN).

Which living or dead foreign policy practitioner do you look up to the most?
Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is my role model.

Which living or dead foreign policy practitioner do you think has missed the mark and why?
Former Ambassador John Bolton missed the mark because he was a strong critic of international institutions.

If you could change a critical decision in history to affect foreign policy, what would it be?
The 2003 invasion of Iraq was a critical decision that I would change.