Amar C. Bakshi

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World Producer

Describe the impact on foreign policy you have made in your current/past jobs.
I am working to connect Americans to their world.

At The Washington Post, I created “How the World Sees America,” where I traveled the globe for a year reporting about how people from all walks of life perceived the United States. At CNN, I am similarly trying to build an international affairs platform where Americans and people around the world can engage in dialogue about the big issues of the day.

What personal contribution to foreign policy are you most proud of?
I am very proud of the work I did working for Ambassador Susan E. Rice helping to ensure countries in need received H1N1 vaccines.

What is your vision of foreign policy in the 21st Century?
A 21st Century foreign policy must embrace an interconnected world and corral nations to work together to address the pressing challenges facing all of us.

What is the greatest foreign policy issue facing our generation?
Our generation needs to solve the problem of weak and failing states to ensure that everybody has the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, and peace.

What challenges need to be overcome to create better foreign policy?
We need to focus on seizing opportunities created by an interconnected world. This requires nurturing transparent, accountable, and effective international institutions, and adopting a mentality that sees opportunities in greater interconnectedness.

What personal, managerial, and leadership skills and traits must the next generation of foreign policy leaders possess?
The next generation of foreign policy leaders needs to be collaborative, sensitive to other cultures, and able to build consensus.

How can foreign affairs be made more accessible to Americans, particularly younger generations?
New media tools can forge the pen-pal relationships of the 21st Century. And innovative reporting projects using methods from video blogging to crowd sourcing can bring people together around the world on issues of common concern.