Abeer B. Abdalla

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Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the United States of America

Describe the impact on foreign policy you have made in your current/past jobs.
Utilizing proven research methods and professional acumen, my impact on foreign policy is strengthened by my unique insight about regions in conflict and a fierce determination to bridge the gap between cultural diplomacy and international affairs.

What personal contribution to foreign policy are you most proud of?
As an Arab-American woman of blended heritage, I am honored to serve as a communicator and conduit for diverse perspectives on topics that go under-reported, and work with change-agents to better understand the elegant nuances required for effective and constructive policy changes now and in the future.

What is your vision of foreign policy in the 21st Century?
The greatest opportunity for Millennial foreign policy leaders in the 21st Century is to fully embrace borderless communication in the digital age. The medium is the message: our ability to effortlessly challenge and encourage reform in under 140 characters has given us reigns to create avenues of change.

What challenges need to be overcome to create better foreign policy?
Contemporary foreign policy strategies must include innovative approaches to recruiting, encouraging, and maintaining participation of women in international affairs, most specifically in national security and cultural diplomacy.

How can foreign affairs be made more accessible to Americans, particularly younger generations?
Through collaboration, communication, and a shared learning experience, foreign affairs can be made more accessible to young generations of Americans. By crossing national boundaries, political ideologies, and diverse sectors – as championed by the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy – young Americans have more access to foreign affairs opportunities than ever before.

Which living or dead foreign policy practitioner do you look up to the most?
Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, the thousands of unnamed and faceless female foreign policy leaders and international activists championing causes like famine, international security, voting rights, HIV-AIDS, and women’s rights, inspire my continued work in the multidimensional field of international affairs.