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Welcome to the Diplomatic Courier, the global affairs magazine that connects current foreign policy practitioners to the next generation of leaders.

Diplomatic Courier publishes six regularly scheduled editions a year and three special editions focused on the G7, G20, and APEC Summits. We are also the publishers of the annual Global Action Report on Food, Health, and Prosperity. We are a globally focused publication serving the Connected Generation, publishing online content on our website, digital edition, and companion apps on the iStore and Google Play. Readers can preview the print editions and subscribe here.

Diplomatic Courier is an independent publication both in its voice and its organization. Publishing opinions from all political spectrums, the Courier adheres to the ideals of freedom of expression, individualism, and fair and balanced journalism.


  • Accessible: The Courier is published both online and in print, featuring distinct media that reach readers globally.
  • Intergenerational: Unique among international affairs’ publications, the Courier provides a forum for the foreign policy establishment to exchange ideas alongside up-and-coming voices.
  • Global: The Courier is truly an international publication, incorporating voices from around the world on topics of global import.


The Diplomatic Courier covers the latest ideas and processes in diplomacy, negotiations, conflict resolution, international affairs, peace-building, and rule of law as well as concepts and theories from a variety of related disciplines.


The Courier’s team spans the globe, consisting of diplomats, correspondents, freelance journalists, students and academics. Click here to see current positions with the Diplomatic Courier.


Students of foreign policy, young professionals in the field, and specialists alike, are all welcome to submit their manuscripts or multimedia content for publication as Web site features, blogs, or print features. Read these quick but very important guidelines before you email us your manuscript.