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Diplomatic Life
The Ambassadors’ Forum: Interview with Claudio Bisogniero, Ambassador of Italy to the United States

The Ambassadors’ Forum is a joint initiative of Diplomatic Courier magazine, Meridian International Center, and the Council of American Ambassadors. The Series captures the views of Ambassadors from around the world on the critical role of diplomacy in addressing current global challenges. In this issue, Meridian’s President Ambassador Stuart Holliday interviews Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero, Ambassador of Italy to the United States on the occasion of the opening of Expo Milano 2015 this May.

The Strength of Cooperation: How 1945 Influenced the Mission of the Carmel Institute of Russian Culture and History

At American University in Washington, DC, students, emissaries, and a captivated audience gathered on April 11. Celebrating the recent establishment of the Carmel Institute of Russian Culture and History (CIRCH), a symposium and reception were held to examine the history of U.S. – Russia relations. Titled The Strength of Cooperation: Lessons From the Grand Alliance 1941-1945, through intimate anecdotes and stories from World War II, as well as observations of current situations, the gathering provided a doorway to the past and hope for the future. With the opening of the Institute, both the United States and Russia aim to promote continued exchanges of students and culture between the two nations.

Food and Diplomacy

Where better to start pondering the global politics of food than in China, some 2500 years ago? The adviser to Duke Wen of Wei noted that the vagaries of farming caused paradoxical problems:

A Diplomatic University

Northwest Washington is adorned by some beautiful institutions for higher learning. Among those are American University, Georgetown University, and George Washington University (GWU)—to name a few. Each institution provides opportunity to advance our appreciation for the arts, understand history, and obtain scientific knowledge.

Women on the Move March on MS

The stage was set as an eager crowd took their seats for the 11th annual Women on the Move luncheon. The April 15 event was hosted by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to bring awareness and support for those suffering from MS, as well as research for the future. With a theme of Hope for All Seasons, the event featured speakers highlighting the need for dedication to finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. With over two million people suffering from MS around the world, it has become a disease with an undeniably global impact.

Tyre: The Volatile Future of an Ancient Wonder

Take a trip down the western border of Lebanon and you’ll find a blatant contradiction along the shores of the Mediterranean. Huddled within new high rises and developments lay the ruins of ancient Tyre, a Phoenician port city over four thousand years old. One of the cradles of civilization, Tyre boasts a myriad of contributions to the world, including long-distance navigation, the spread of the Phoenician (and later Greek) alphabets, and the royal hues of its rich purple dyes. With such an important site, preserving millennia of historical and cultural significance has become a cause drawing worldwide attention.

The Ambassadors Forum: Interview with Ambassador La Celia Prince

Her Excellency La Celia Prince presented her credentials to President George W. Bush on June 6th, 2008. Prior to becoming Ambassador, she served as the Deputy Chief of Mission in the Washington Embassy from September 2005 until her appointment as Ambassador. She is also her nation’s Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States. Prior to her arrival to Washington DC, Ambassador Prince worked in multilateral trade negotiations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Geneva, and Brussels. She is a lawyer by profession, having studied at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus; Sir Hugh Wooding Law School, Trinidad; and Cambridge University, England. Ambassador Prince is currently the youngest foreign ambassador accredited to and serving in Washington, DC.

The Ambassadors Forum: Interview with Ambassador Laurie Fulton

Ambassador Laurie Fulton is a Partner in the law firm Williams & Connolly LLP. Her areas of practice include cybersecurity and data breach, government investigations, and white-collar criminal defence. She is a member of the Council of American Ambassadors, and was recognized as one of “Washington’s Top Lawyers” by Washingtonian Magazine in 2004.

Cultural Understanding in U.S.-Russia Relations: The Role of Photojournalism and Film

As relations between the United States and the Russian Federation have grown confrontational over the prolonged crisis in Ukraine, pausing to refocus on diplomatic fundamentals is increasingly important for reconciliation. Effective diplomacy is greatly enhanced by mutual cultural understanding–an influential intangible that promotes trust and respect while facilitating cooperation and compromise. To develop cultural understanding between the U.S. and Russia, the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation (ARCCF) and American University’s Initiative for Russian Culture (IRC) seek to connect the next generation of American diplomats to the versatility and richness of Russian art, literature, film, language, and history. Such an appreciation for the perspective and life experiences of another group of people is critical to transcend inaccurate stereotypes and establish mutually beneficial relations.

European-American Cultural Foundation Hosts Event to Strengthen Cultural Ties

The European-American Cultural Foundation launched with a spectacular evening at the Library of Congress on October 8th. The Foundation works to strengthen cultural bonds and collaboration between the European Union and EU Member states and the United States, reflective of their profound historical relationship and affinity. The October 8th evening was dedicated at taking the first step in fulfilling the mission. Among those in attendance were Kimberly Heatherington, Executive Director of E-ACF, and Susan C. Lehrman, Founding Board Member.

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