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Sep 06, 2012

A Convener brings people together in creative ways to address a pressing international issue or enhance the foreign policy community.

MikeBreen smallMike Breen

  • Organization: Truman National Security Project
  • Department: Senior Leadership
  • Title: Vice President

Read more here.



CameronChisholm smallCameron Chisholm

  • Organization: International Peace & Security Institute
  • Department: Executive Leadership
  • Title: President

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JenniferChowdhury smallJennifer Chowdhury

  • Organization: Jeevika Development Society
  • Department: American India Foundation William Jefferson Clinton Fellowship for Service in India
  • Title: Fellow

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RachelCohenGerrol smallRachel Cohen-Gerrol

  • Organization: Nexus Global Youth Summit
  • Department: Innovative Philanthropy & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Title: Founder

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MeganGarcia smallMegan Garcia

  • Organization: William and Flora Hewett Foundation
  • Department: Nuclear Security Initiative
  • Title: Program Officer

Read more here.



DanielleGoldberg smallDanielle Goldberg

  • Organization: Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights
  • Department: Peace-Building and Rights Program
  • Title: Program Coordinator

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EniolaMafe smallEniola Mafe

  • Organization: Vital Voices
  • Department: Africa Programs
  • Title: Program Manager

Read more here.



JenniferMcArdle smallJennifer McArdle

  • Organization: Observer Research Foundation
  • Department: Asia Pacific Security Initiative
  • Title: Non-Resident Fellow

Read more here.


EmilyMcLeod smallEmily McLeod

  • Organization: Council on Foreign Relations
  • Department: Washington Meetings
  • Title: Associate Director

Read more here.



RaffaelloPantucci smallRaffaello Pantucci

  • Organization: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
  • Department: International Relations
  • Title: Visiting Scholar

Read more here.



TaufiqRahim smallTaufiq Rahim

  • Organization: Globesight
  • Title: Director

Read more here.




AlistairThornton smallAlistair Thornton

  • Organization: IHS Global Insight (IHS); Young China Watchers (YCW)
  • Department: Global Economics Group (IHS); Executive (YCW)
  • Title: China Economist (IHS); Co-Founder (YCW)

Read more here.



SamVaghar1 smallSam Vaghar

  • Organization: The Millennium Campus Network
  • Department: Executive
  • Title: Executive Director

Read more here.



Diana Walker smallDiana Walker

  • Organization: United Nations Foundation
  • Department: Global Partnerships
  • Title: Senior Director of Partnership Initiatives

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