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Gallery of Moments
Park Rangers on Frontlines of Poaching Wars

On April 25th, African Parks’ ranger Agoyo Mbikoyo struggled the short way back to his patrol unit’s campsite, collapsed, and died. He was one of the unlucky ones—he had stumbled across a group of armed poachers a short distance away from his unit’s camp in Garamba National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The Chance to be a Child Again

In the relative cool shade provided by two giant water starved trees, in the unforgiving South Sudan, sits patiently a large dishevelled group of children. Sitting in front of them are an earnest group of adults.

Global Women Summit 2015

“Every day should be Women’s Day”. Kicking off a celebration of International Women’s Day, Fumbi Chima, Chief Information Officer of Walmart Asia, set the tone for the morning on March 4th at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. Diplomatic Courier’s annual summit this year featured discussion on the impact of top global women in politics and business.

A Little Green Miracle

Bangui, Central African Republic: Dawn had barely broken over Bangui, the capital city of the war torn Central African Republic. For a few minutes the warm golden glow of the early morning sun gave the beleaguered city a picture postcard look.

Ukrainian Winter

“All the world acknowledges and Ukraine acknowledges that the state is on the brink of civil war.” – former Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk, January 28, 2014.

Introduction to Kazakhstan

There are usually a couple good shortcuts to understanding a country. Traditional festivals are one, seeing how a populace unwinds, what it is grateful for, and what it pokes fun at. Elections of its leadership, of how it governs itself, are another. The second was my introduction to Kazakhstan, observing a national parliamentary election in the Fall of 2004. Or, at least an introduction to a small swath of the country. It is the ninth largest in the world, a million, fifty-three thousand square miles, larger than Western Europe, drinking from the Caspian sea and stretched wide between Russia, China and several ‘stans.

What makes a city stand out? Is it food, architecture, or an awesome music scene?

Chadar: The World's Most Unique Highway

The frozen Zanskar river, part of the Indus watershed, has been used by the people of Zanskar—Tibetans who settled in the Zanskar valley over 1000 years ago, around Zangla and Padum—to go back and forth to communicate and trade with the outside world when all access is shut.

Should Your Birthplace Determine Your Future?

Should your birthplace determine your future? At the Diplomatic Courier and Ubuntu Education Fund, we know it should not, but we see that too often it does. The poor tend to stay poor. In the townships of South Africa where Ubuntu works, as well as in many places around the world, too many eager, intelligent children have no opportunity to go to school, to dream great dreams, and to work towards them. We all need roots to grow, but human beings are not trees: our roots should strengthen us, not hold us down. The children of the townships of South Africa play under the same sun as the children in the penthouses of Park Avenue. Children everywhere deserve the same chances, and opportunities to learn and grow. And if they get those chances, they are likely to succeed.

Broken Lives

All too often, I find myself in the middle of a war or conflict photographing events as they unfold before me. I am certainly not thinking of the bigger political picture or the human consequences of that particular war or conflict. My immediate thoughts in those moments are survival, the man to the left of me, and the man to the right—nothing else matters.

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